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Super Heroine Rangers: 4 Cornered Squadron Heroines Vol.2

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The four squadron heroines were captured by the weapon collector Zorm, but with Blue Mermaid’s quick thinking, they succeeded in escaping. All the combatants chasing them are thrown away, but they are forced to split up by Zorm and his subordinates, the bear monster and spider monster, and a desperate struggle for survival begins! The Fair Princess fights with the upper hand against the slow-moving bear monster, but the pain of taking over the Blue Mermaid’s wounds creates an opening for her, and she receives a powerful blow. Even after that, she was cornered with bites and powerful techniques… On the other hand, Prism Blue was gaining the upper hand in the battle against the spider monsters, but the spider monsters multiplied into three, making it a 1 vs 3 situation? ! Furthermore, he is wrapped in spider thread and his energy is sucked through a straw! ! And Gaia Blue and Blue Mermaid are inevitably defeated by Zorm’s overwhelming strength! Will the heroines be able to escape from this hell?


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