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Under the strain state over nationalization of the X Islands between Japan and China, a terror incident occurs in Japan. Chinese antigovernment force squad announces itself the tiger of freedom and takes people in an airport as hostages to hide behind. And they demand cancellation of a peace treaty with Chinese President named Ho Tye-Ming. While government of Japan shows a posture in which they don’t yield to the terrorists, the anti-terrorism unit called the TPO takes an active role and manages to capture the terrorists. So, everyone reckons that the incident is already settled. But actually a true aim of the criminal squad is the bacteriological weapon which has been stored in the airport. For the sake of taking back the stolen bacteriological weapon, an investigator of the TPO named Lisa Sena(means like rapids) interrogates one offender arrested on the spot named Norihisa Takagi(means a typical high tree) and plea-bargains with him, and manages to get a location of their secret base of the operation. But, Lisa is deceived by Takagi and falls to the foe’s hand. Now, she receives intense torture and then she has the bacteriological weapon buried inside. The terrorists aim to annihilate all the members of the TPO who comes to rescue Lisa with her bacterial virus. Well, is it possible for Lisa to escape from this crucial situation and stop the terrorist attack?

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  1. Pumki

    Love this one

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