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Burning Action – Superheroine Chronicles Battle of Heaven

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Returning home from the US, Ayumi Amamiya changes her school to the one where her old childhood friend Rina Hayami attends. But the school is infested with hoodlum groups, and she is eyed as a kidnap target. Ayumi’s father is a grappler, and she has a born fighting expertise, with which she beats down the hoodlums. Rei Aoto, the group leader and boss of a prostitute ring, turns a strongman Goh Tsuchikawa and his secretary Saki Hanazono to her capture as a prisoner. They first set out to lure Ayumi’s friend Rina Hauyami who is also a nuisance for the hoodlum group. After a deadly fight, Rina beats Tsuchikawa and his group but has Ayumi kidnapped. Arousing her subliminal fighting power, Ayumi fells the hoodlum group, but she is beat by Rei Aoto without putting up her resistance. Rina heads toward the group’s hideout to rescue Ayumi, now subjected to gruesome tortures, but is challenged by Rei Aoto. Will the two beauty grapplers succeed in restoring peace to their school?


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