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Angel-like Nurses Lethal Angel W

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A mad scientist Reiji Nishigami has created ‘Devil Virus’ that possesses and turns those with malice in their souls into demonic monsters. Makoto Morino, a young girl transforming into superheroine Lethal Angel, and a female police detective Miyako Hayami, joined forces and defeated the demon plotting an evil scheme. But this was not the end of the story. Having known the power of the virus, people with a bad intent continue to make use of the virus. However, as Miyako Hayami has been transferred to Kansai district to deal with the new demon virus cases that happened there, the task of crime fighting in Kanto area is solely on the shoulder of Makoto now…. But when another mad scientist Dr. Wilther worshipping Nishigami begins creating monsters one after another, Makoto is no longer able to fight so many enemies on her own. She really needs help. The help arrives in the form of the second Lethal Angel, a rookie superheroine Yui Kagawa. With a new partner by her side, Makoto fights the monsters! But these new virus monsters are formidable enemies, tormenting and torturing the two fighting girls Lethal Angels….


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