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Though Katana was finally able to become Akiballion Shadow Moon, Jinrai is injured during the fight with Byakko. In the sickbed Jinrai unveils the history of the Akiba Clan to Katana and Shiyuri, and the two girls renew their resolutions. Meanwhile, the Shigai Clan attacks the town of Akihabara in order to lure away Akiballion Shadow who is the main obstacle to their plans. Katana and Shiyuri rush to the scene and defeat Shi-nin, but suddenly Shiyuri starts attacking Katana! Manipulated by dark magic of Genbu, the two girls fight each other. Can Akiballion Shadow break the magic spell of Genbu!? And can they stop their old enemy Seiryu’s heinous plans!? Battle that decides the future of Akihabara is about to begin….


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