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Exciting Heroine Emilia the Bounty Hunter – The Crisis Version [Rated-15]

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Emilia is an interplanetary bounty hunter looking for suspects. She has arrived on Earth alone from outer space, and she rescues Kyohei Kanzaki and Natsuki Satsuma, researchers working on making a space map when they are attacked by alien bounty hunters. Kyohei and Natsuki are amazed to see Emilia’s strength as she fights, and invite her to their observatory. Then Emilia unveils to them that she has been chasing a high-profile fugitive named Zaulem with her partner, an electronic life-form named Brain, and that Zaulem has isolated the town where their observatory is located from the outside world by using barriers. Then Emilia sets out to catch Zaulem on her own, leaving Kyohei and Natsuki in the laboratory. She finds the suspect and fights him, but when a humanoid monster Gjudaru shows up to assist Zaulem, Emilia gets cornered. Fortunately Kyohei and Natsuki arrive to her rescue in the nick of time, and save her by using a weapon in her luggage. They go back to the observatory to take a rest, and Emilia again sets off in search of Zaulem…. Meanwhile, Natsuki notices Kyohei is attracted to Emilia and out of envy she gives information about Emilia to Zaulem when she is attacked by him. Now Emilia is alone, not knowing that a horrible fate awaits her…. [BAD END]


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