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Sexual Dynamite Heroine 26 – JOLYFINE -Battle with Cleaning Genie

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A girl student Haruka Kinoshita is a justice heroine. She transforms into JOLYFINE to protect peace of the town. One day, Yamazaki is utilized by witch Olivia and becomes Cleaning Genie Gomitole although he is usually a gentle cleaning staff. Gomitole has a strong attachment to elimination of dust and stain. Because Gomitole hates humans who pollute the Earth, he tries to wipe out humans from the Earth. JOLYFINE fights with Gomitole but she is defeated with Gomitole’s Cleaning attack and is captured. Witch Olivia hardly tortures JOLYFINE to settle old scores. Is JOLYFINE able to prevent Human Cleaning Plan!?

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  1. Rama

    I like it

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