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Agents 01 and 03 return to South Town to their boss after losing Agent 02 in North Town. Having different ideas, with Agent 03 intending to take back Agent 02 in North Town and Agent 01 swearing allegiance to her boss, they agree to go separate ways. On departure, Agent 03 leaves a message that the abnormal phenomena occurring on the Earth of late are attributable to the Sun closing near. She foretells the crisis approaching the Earth and leaves by saying that ”it’s no time for a war.” But Agent 01 never wavers from her allegiance to her boss. One day, Agent 01 happens to meet Noah, the girl Agents 02 and 03 tried to help out, heading to a place in South Town. Following her in secret, Agent 01 finds Noah’s destination to be exactly the place where Agent 01 was raised at. In Agent 01’s mind, her past memories she believed she had wiped out come reviving back. At the sudden shock, her cyborg body develops a short circuit and she falls down. Noah, coming to Agent 01’s help, tells her an astonishing fact.


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