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Exciting Heroine – Beautiful Mask Aurora Zero – Out of Danger Version[Rated-15]

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Hitherto untold, this is the story of how the Masked Beauty Aurora Zero is born. On the day after the typhoon in the strong wind on her way back from school, Yuuka Nakatori finds accidentally a jug left by God. From within the jug, a cry for ”Help!” leaks out, and as she opens the jug, Zatan the demon comes jumping out! Demon Zatan escapes into Kannaku (God-free district) where God cannot enter and undertakes a plan to turn the world into hell! Seeing a genuine heart in Yuuka the coed who opened the jug, God presents her with a special ring with the power to clean up the demon and teaches her how to transform. God, after leaving the instruction with Yuuka, returns to heaven… Thus, Yuuka starts fighting Demon Zatan. But, the vital instruction is snatched away by a man who has been stalking Yuuka for some time. And the charm words Yuuka has remembered half-heartedly keep annoying her in transforming into Masked Beauty Aurora. If recited wrongly, the charm words would bounce her attack against the enemy back at herself… Will Yuuka ever fell the Demon and preserve the peace at Kannaku?! [Happy ending]


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