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Space Agent Anis In Danger[Rated-15]

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Galligan and Anis are space agent duo fighting to protect Earth from Booga, a space crime syndicate that has conquered and destroyed countless planets, including Planet Bound where Anis was born. During her routine patrol, Anis finds a woman who really looks like the priest Paula, the commander in charge of the army that destroyed her home, and Anis follows the woman. This is actually Booga’s trap to lure Agent Anis into the dimension where she cannot contact Galligan. Priest Paula, revealing her true identity to Anis, orders a criminal beast Garruga to beat up Anis, and from her battered body Paula begins to suck the heroine’s life energy to preserve her beauty. Anis is then rescued by Galligan, but the priest, who wants to taste Anis’ life energy more, uses the power of a criminal beast called Mini-nimi, to enter Anis’s space ship “Alexander” while Galligan is away, and attacks Anis, severely wounded and still receiving medical treatment. Alone in the spaceship, desperate Anis realizes that she is in real danger, and she is attacked by the tentacles. [BAD END]


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