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Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind vs. Evil American Comic Books Characters Vol.1

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Japan is under the siege of a mysterious army of female soldiers! They say these girls are looking for “wa no chikara,” or the power of unity in this country. When Mighty Wind aka Misora Yozaki is forced into a three-on-one battle against the invading warriors, she manages to escape from the predicament, but she is severely wounded by the poison attack by Miss Tarantula and loses her consciousness in the forest. Injured Misora is saved and given a place to hide by Huka Hiba, a high school girl who happened to pass by. Their meeting was not an accident, but fate, and the legendary sword, family heirloom passed down from an ancient ancestor, made this happen. The sword has the special power to transform its holder into Justy Wind, but Misora leaves Huka’s home without telling anything about these facts, as she is afraid Huka might get involved into the battle. Later that day she is ambushed by Miss Tarantula and this time Tarantula catches Misora and binds up her body using her spider’s web! Just when she thinks everything is over, unexpected help arrives in the form of Huka transformed into Red Wind. Though Huka doesn’t quite understand what is going on, she fights surprisingly well, and Misora repels Miss Tarantula’s attack. Then two girl fighters decide to find their partners who have the same sword as theirs. They finally discover their would-be partners, but they turn out girls with too unique personalities. Shoko is an orphan girl who never opens her heart to anyone. Actually she never trusts anyone. Maihime is a daughter of a rich family and she is a spoiled and strong-willed girl. By the time all Justy Wind members get together, the group is already falling apart…. In the meanwhile, Fang Girl and Amazon Lady are planning to renew their attack on the unsuspecting girls….


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