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A member of the Galactic Special Investigation Agency, Matsuri Yoribumi, aka Daytona Yellow, was cornered by Aggrat, the female leader of the S-class crime family Yomi when she was rescued by Karen, aka Daytona Gold, who came from another planet in pursuit of her. But she had been held hostage by Aggrat to her compatriots on her home planet, and her goal was to infiltrate Earth’s Galactic Special Investigations as a spy. Karen, who has fallen into evil as Vaggy Gold, wearing Aggrat’s evil costume herself, attacks Matsuri in the base! Matsuri transforms into yellow and confronts her, but Vaggy controls her and defiles her body so that she can slowly taste her…Yellow is inserted with a vibrator that sucks up the energies of the righteous and converts them into the energies of the wicked, but when she learns from Vaggy’s memories that she is being used and that her home planet has already been destroyed, Karen separates from her evil costume. The only way to know where Aggrat is is to read her memories from her evil costume! Matsuri decides to put on the evil costume, but what happens? [BAD ENDING]


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