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Suddenly one girl calls herself HARU appears in a laboratory of a virtual system developer named Dr. Tokai. HARU requests Dr. Tokai to destroy the Duel-Machine which he has been developing. But Dr. Tokai refuses her request. So she shows him her Duel- Machine on her arms, which is supposed not to be completed. Actually HARU is a messenger comes from the future in order to stop the development of the Duel-Machine. But beside her, also a man calls himself Kouryoku in the Tiger-King Gang appears there. And the virtual battle begins between HARU and Kouryoku. Dr.Tokai sees the battle with the Duel-Machine in front of his eyes, and he admits himself the unbelievable fact. After the battle, Dr. Tokai and his assistant SOLA hear that the Duel-Machine will be made bad use of in the future. So three of them destroy the Duel- Machine that has been developed in the underground laboratory. But even if the future is supposed to be changed by that act, HARU isn’t disappeared from there. In fact unless eliminating the original data, the future won’t be changed. And the virtual battle takes place between the Tiger-King Gang and HARU over the original data. But in the midst of the battle, some secret relationship between HARU and SOLA is going to be cleared. Well, is it possible for HARU to change the future…


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