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Midori, a high school co-ed, Yuhki, an actress, and a few of their boy friends are confined in a dilapidated studio, sweltering with the summer heat. They struggle away from the incoming Zombies, looking for a way out but in vain… The survivors are doubting and hating each other, and co-ed Midori is thrown out as a sacrifice to Zombies. She escapes miraculously and sets out to fight Zombis, with her attachment to survival having aroused her fighting instinct.. Meanwhile, Yuhki goes out fighting Zombies to trace down the instigator of massacre and to obtain the cross that is the key to her survival. She soon gets bitten by Yuhna, who has been turned into a Zombie, and falls prey to Zombies… Knowing that she soon will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and degrades into an ugly Zombie herself, Yuhki commits suicide… Co-ed Midori drains her will to fight back and has her white thighs bitten by Zombies.. And, Midori tosses and turns in agony with withdrawal symptoms and soon finds out the truth…!!


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