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Exorcist Priestess War Knight Triple Lancer ~The hellish prison of time~

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A month has passed since the death of Red Lancer Hinata… Fuyuka (Blue) and Misono (Yellow) barely manage to fight the Demonic Ear Tribe, but with the Triple Lancer’s special move unable to be used, defeat was only a matter of time… A new female executive, Zatis, is appointed, and the strongest monster who controls time, the Clock Demon, reigns, and the situation becomes worst. The Clock Demon stops time and tortures Yellow Lancer, who is motionless! Fuyuka screams in agony as she is defeated… And Blue Lancer twitches in pain as the female executive, Zatis, attacks him with sharp needles… Hikari, the last hope, inherits her sister’s will and transforms into Red Lancer! However, time is stopped by the Clock Demon, and she faints in agony. Will she die or surrender and become his mistress? She is forced to make the ultimate choice…! What will be the fate of the battle between the three…?


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