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Fighter of the Sun Leona SeasonⅡ: The Trap of Evil Hospital Vol.1

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Nursia and Joyia plot to avenge Arohma, who was once defeated by Leona, disguise themselves as a female doctor and a nurse, lure Yui Yawana to the hospital using Sanpei as a decoy, and infect Yui with a fever virus. In front of the enemy that appears, Yui transforms into Leona and fights back, but she has a hard time due to the effects of the fever virus. Leona is finally defeated before the attack of the monster Messiah, Nursia, and Joyia. When she woke up, she was in a hospital operating room. Her limbs are restrained and she ends up being blamed with severe electric shocks…”It must be painful! Apologize for killing Lord Arohma! Say Please forgive me!’’ As Nursia and the others attack her, Leona’s writhing screams can be heard in the operating room as she twists her hips and arches her back. It resonates! Just when it seemed like she was in a desperate situation, Leona took on her new form, Shining Leona, and fought back! However, her scarred body can’t withstand her new powers for long and is in trouble again! What will be Leona’s fate?


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