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The Superheroine Saga – Fiery Girl Feliacion

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Mitsuki Umino, world’s top-level ballet dancer, has lost her parents in an accident and lives with her sister together. Her dance, although seemingly elegant and magnificent, has been criticized as emotionless with her reticent, single-hearted ballet. But, accepting all the criticism, she rejoices in being able to dance. Her only concern is that her sister Fuyumi is spending her life every day in bleak sentiments. One day, after a bickering with Fuyumi, Mitsuki wishes that she had power to make Fuyumi regain her ardent feelings like toward the bright shining sun. Then, in front Mitsuki emerges a specter calling herself Sun God Marten who claims to have given Mitsuki the burning power to let people with bleak hearts to regain hot minds. With this strange experience, Mitsuki returns home to find Fuyumi absent. As she hears Fuyumi’s cries, Mitsuki finds the Ice Cold God Merquo restraining Fuyumi in a full nelson. Mitsuki runs up to Fuyumi to save her but strays into a strange warped space…


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