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Battle Princess Mitsuka Vol.1 – Space Travel Chronicles

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Princess Mitsuka of the Mitoe Clan, traveling around the cosmic space to set the world aright, encounters a spaceship trouble while navigating from a planet where she felled cosmic thugs successfully. She now steers toward the nearest planet Earth. Searching the Earth she has never been to before, Mitsuka comes in contact with the Akudaikans, a devilish group in the universe. She happens to nab one of Akudaikans’ fighters, who was about to kidnap a little boy. Learning that his scientist sister has been kidnapped by the Akudaikans, Mitsuka promises the boy to rescue her from them. She orders her secret agent Sylvia, who disguises herself as Mitsuka, to go for the boy’s sister. Sylvia gets captured by the Akudaikans and is taken to their base. She somehow succeeds in rescuing the sister, but again she is caught and subjected to rigorous torturing by Jorow, a torture specialist. Once deemed dead, Sylvia comes alive and escapes. Before her appear Jorow and her fighters. Sylvia is in a fix…


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