WEHD-20 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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Exciting Heroine Mighty Girl – Big Crisis Version[Rated-15]

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Ever since the day when her planet was destroyed, Mighty Girl has been fighting the evil using her beautiful, mighty strong body, to protect the earth. One day, however, Mighty Girl encounters a woman dressed exactly like her. She is Black Mighty, a clone created by Mighty Girl’s mortal enemy Kilner. This is a do-or-die fight for Black Mighty, and Mighty Girl loses a battle against her clone. Even though victorious, Black Mighty cannot free herself from the clutches of Kilner, who forces her into servitude. The fact is, Kilner is planning to start a new business, manufacturing Mighty Girl clones, but instead of the uncooperative and rebellious prototype Black Mighty, Kilner needed someone obedient, who knows the meaning of “subjugation.” Cold-blooded Kilner plans to create a database for his new clones by beating up Mighty Girl and recording what she feels. Mighty Girl has to endure Kilner’s supersonic psychic attack, but can she really defeat her old enemy Kilner and save Black Mighty? Her doomed fate is now at hand when a huge war machine confronts her….


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