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Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.93 -Kage Blue: Terrifying Dark Dependents! Kage Killer Brothers!!

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One of the Kage Rangers, Kasumi Mikage aka Kage Blue, is attacked by Kage Dragon and Kage Tiger, who appear during a battle with the monster ninja Kumonza of the evil ninja clan Makanja, who are trying to rule this world. The two belonged to the Kage Killer, the dark clan of the Kage Rangers. Its existence was unknown to Kasumi and the others, a clan that had done the dirty work that the Kage Rangers could not. The two have teamed up with Makanja plans to annihilate the Kage Rangers, with Kasumi as their first target. Kage Blue is defeated by overwhelming force and becomes a prisoner. Kumonza, Kage Dragon, and Kage Tiger attack Her body to avenge their past grudge. [BAD ENDING]


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