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Female Commander of Betrayal: Shield Five -Shield Pink

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The first Shield Pink, Sakuragi Reiko, is now in command of the new Shield Five as a commander, thanks to her past battle achievements. She has a particular eye for the second Shield Pink, Momono Mari. Momono Mari also respects Commander Sakuragi. However, Commander Sakuragi’s mind and body had been corrupted by sexual training by Dead Dark in the past. Desiring intense pleasure and excitement, the female commander betrays the second Shield Pink and sets a trap for her. When she is captured, she is confronted by the lewd and terrifying figure of Commander Sakuragi, now a female executive… The brutal sexual downfall of the past and the ongoing sexual downfall of Shield Pink… The madness of desire engraved in the female commander’s sexuality plunges Shield Pink into orgasmic hell…


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