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Misaki Sakura aka Pink Ribbon is a righteous heroine who fights against an evil organization. Pink Ribbon defeats fighters one after another. She also defeats a monster with her signature laser ribbon. Then, seeing the lone combatant, Pink Ribbon said, “I don’t want to torment the weak. I’ll let you go, but you should run away,” but the fighter approached with a wry smile on his face. Pink Ribbon has no choice but to try to defeat him with the laser ribbon, but when the fighter holds up his hand, his body suddenly stops moving! What? My body…!” Pink Ribbon is upset. The pink ribbon screams in agony and drops the laser ribbon as the fighter grabs the hand and twists it. The pink ribbon is tossed about by an invisible force. The pink ribbon is now in his hands, guided by the fighter, as he tries to pick up the dropped laser ribbon. Pink Ribbon writhes in agony as the fighter takes advantage of her. Humiliated, she is captured and taken away to the hideout.


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