Secret Agent Shadow Crimson: Disappeared Power! Broken Chest Crystal



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The Ministry of National Defense Secret Investigations Division 9, commonly known as the Shadow Nine, is a special unit that hunts monsters that feed on the negative emotions of humans, such as fear, suffering, and despair. One of these agents, ”Kouya Mikage”, increases her ability to ignite the fire using the crystal in her chest, and fights as ”Shadow Crimson”. However, while the crystal in her chest increases her power, it also causes severe pain when attacked by her. One day, during a battle with a monster, Shadow Crimson is attacked by a crystal, and despite being in excruciating pain, she manages to fight off the monster. Shadow Crimson is worried that the monster may have learned the secret of the crystal during this battle, but the newly appeared monster does not attack the crystal in her chest. Shadow Crimson is relieved that her secret is not known. However, the demon caught her momentary gap and struck the crystal in her chest with all her might! Shadow Crimson is in severe pain. Furthermore, as if to pursue her, the monsters aim for the crystal in her chest. Shadow Crimson realizes that a monster has discovered the secret of the crystal, and she manages to escape and tries to tell her mates that the monster has discovered her secret, but more monsters finally capture her. And Shadow Crimson… [BAD ENDING]


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