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Kaede Fukuchi, also known as Seinin Pink, scatters the thorn demon army and unleashes a punishing water attack toward the ”Ms. Dawn.” To the enraged ”Ms. Dawn”, the Take-Houshi calls himself a Seinin Pink hunter, disguises his penis as a matsutake mushroom, and showers Kaede with her spores. During the battle, he tangles her with her hyphae and obscenely toys her body. Pink escapes from the mycelium, but the spores from earlier affect her body and she becomes lustful! Pink, who felt the climax many times by Take-Houshi, continues to be toyed and her transformation is canceled… However, when she outsmarts ”Ms. Dawn” and tells her secret, ”Ms. Dawn” inhales out Take-Houshi’s soul and creates Bushi-Skull! Overwhelmed by the power of an even stronger enemy, Pink transforms again, but her suit is penetrated by the power and she is sexually toyed! [BAD END]


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