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Volt Arshita is one of the warriors ”Volgaigar” who fights to protect peace from the evil pagan group ”Testament” that spans the universe. He uses her deadly Gigantic Volt to crush the monster led by Testament’s female executive Fanateak, but she sees the weakness of Volt Arshita’s technique, and his energy flows backward, leaving Volt Ashita feeling dizzy and overwhelmed by the end of Fanateak’s brutal fight. Then, Gaigar, an unknown cosmic energy flowing through his body, is taken away along with his semen. Volt Arshita can’t hold back the pleasure of Fanateak’s lewd techniques as Fanateak bewitches and beckons to pleasure. At the end of his climax, his genitals were inserted into Fanateak’s pussy and spewed out semen and Gaigar over and over again… [BAD ENDING]


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