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Jinjyugar: Devastation?! Jinjyugar’s Biggest Pinch Vol.2

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Antian, a low-ranking combatant from the Execute, appears in front of Mimmy, also known as Jinbunny, who escaped alone. Mimmy, who is struggling against Antian with her injured body, tries to transform but Antian prevents her from doing so. While being restrained, Mimmy manages to load the Animide Card into the Jyu Commander and transforms. However, due to the influence of being restrained by Antian, the transformation is incomplete! Jin Bunny exposes the soft skin of a maiden through her reinforced suit. The Antians see this and attack out. Jin Bunny is restrained and her body is played with. Jin Bunny sighs in agony, but despite her incomplete transformation, she uses the power of Jinjyugar and succeeds in defeating the Antians. At that moment, ”Exect” executives Scorpaida and Croachepeade appear. Will Jinbunny be able to defeat Scorpaida and Croachepeade in an incompletely transformed state and rescue the captured Jin Cat and Jin Swan? [BAD ENDING]


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