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Shield Five: Vol.1 -Stolen Shield Brace, Untransformable Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!

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Finally, Dead Dark plans to divide the Shield Five and kill them one by one, and the monsters and combatants attack Shield Pink/Miyuki Momose! However, such a strategy did not work against Shield Pink, who had both mind, technique, and body. The wandering monster Atsumerun appears before the frustrated Death Guild General. Atsumerun has the special ability to steal important items from warriors, and he steals Miyuki’s transformation breath! Miyuki Momose, who is unable to transform, is faced with one terrible crisis after another! Miyuki, battered and battered by Atsumerun’s repeated attacks, is sexually blamed by her lower-ranking combatants. The look on Miyuki’s face as she is blamed and in agony due to continuous orgasms and deep throating makes not only the Dead Dark combatants but also the monsters lustful. What will be the fate of Shield Pink/Miyuki Momose? [HAPPY ENDING]


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