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Super Lady: Defeated Heroine’s Hellish Fan Thanksgiving

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Super Lady who fights for justice with her strong body and superpower. Her activities were reported on the news and she had a passionate following. Then she receives a phone call from a man who claims to be the perpetrator of the bombing. When she heads to the scene, the person who appears there is Psychosis, a terrorist who was defeated by Super Lady in the past. Super Lady fights with an advantage against the attacking Psychosis, but she is weakened by the algonic ore extracted by Psychosis. She is unilaterally beaten by Psychosis, defeated, and captured. Psychosis blames Super Lady, who is unable to resist after being fitted with a chain and collar made of ore, by using an ore that makes her come into heat. However, she is a super lady who does not break her heart. Psychosis invites fans of Super Lady and holds a fan event where they can do whatever they want. [BAD ENDING]


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