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Female Red’s Completely Corruption: Bushidoger

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Kaori Hashiba, also known as Bushido Red, is a woman who is the leader of Bushidoger, a warrior squadron that fights against the monster squadron ”Youja-Syuu”. However, due to her serious personality and a strong sense of responsibility, she is upset with Blue and Yellow when they make a mistake in battle, but she forgives her colleagues and renews her resolve to restore peace and fulfill her dream then heading into battle again. However, she is defeated by the overwhelming power of her enemy, the demon Asura, teased by the lower-ranked combatants, and toyed with without any resistance. Fearful that her future is now closed to her, Kaori throws away her pride as a warrior, kneels on the enemy’s knees, and begs for her life. As compensation for accepting the condition, Asura makes Kaori wear a shameful high-leg leotard and further shames her. Kaori dances in a high-leg leotard, showing off her crotch and buttocks as per orders, regardless of her pretense. There was not even a shred of the proud and heroic figure of a leader and warrior who stood firm against evil…[BAD ENDING]


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