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Beautiful Mask Aurora: The Birth of Dark Female Warrior Weeza

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Beautiful Mask Aurora was fighting demons day and night. Dr. Yashiro, a man of good understanding, was researching to enhance Aurora’s abilities. Aurora’s body was at its limit, but she was so close to beating up all demons…The demon king Desmon takes Dr. Yashiro, hostage, captures Aurora, and sexually plays and interrogates her. Aurora’s sensitive and well-developed body shivers and shudders as her plump breasts are squeezed over her holy dress and her crotch is played with until her shorts are damp, and she falls into an orgasmic hell. She is then deprived of her virginity and realizes Dr. Yashiro’s cunning betrayal. Out of despair, Aurora’s mind is tainted with the evil of revenge and retribution, and Weeza, a dark female warrior hungry for desire, is born! Weeza attacked the humans, wiggling her fleshy, well-developed hips and devouring them sexually…However, Weeza, with all her power in her hands, is about to suffer a tragedy that dying by exploding.[BAD ENDING]


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