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Hermaphrodite Heroine Chrono Pink: Yuuka Fallen into Semen Milking Hell

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Yuuka, a Time and Space Squadron member, went alone to the time of the Longias Family’s Empress Dornelia to avenge her brother’s death. But there was a dastardly plan in place to bring Yuuka down. Yuuka transforms but is defeated by the monstrous snake Chimera, and Dornelia grows a penis and turns Yuuka into a hermaphrodite. From there, Yuuka’s humiliation, anguish, and the pleasure and weakness of ejaculation, which she had never felt before, continued to create a continuous orgasmic hell. The pleasure hell of Chrono Pink/Yuuka, who now has both female and male genitalia, gives her a look of anguish… [BAD ENDING]


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