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Ranger Heroine Omnibus: Magna Pink, Raiga Dolphin, Charge Mermaid -Strengthening Plan for Combatants

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Three heroines, Magna Pink, Liga Dolphin, and Charge Mermaid, were fighting in various places.The three survivors of the battle make their way to the rendezvous point while engaging in guerrilla warfare, but each heroine is captured and used to train Hydra combatants.A ruthless plan is put into place to train the combatants with each heroine’s superior genes…The three Sentai heroines fight without knowing anything and are defeated…Magna Pink becomes a fallen seedbed, Liga Dolphin becomes a fallen domination,0and Charge Mermaid is made an example of by being punished with hell, revealing her pitiful appearance. One after another, horrible Hydra combatants are born with the best genes and attack the three![BAD END]


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