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Beautiful Mask Aurora: Resuscitation? Evil Helper Tactics

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Kanna Aoki, who protects the peace of the town as the Beautiful Mask Aurora, and Gouta Takayama, a bit of a delinquent, are childhood friends. Kanna, the chairperson of the public morals committee, who is warning Gouta about his dress code today, is upset when he rolls up her skirt. The evil organization, which has suffered a series of defeats since Aurora’s arrival, hires a big-name bouncer with a large sum of money that they have obtained through a strange turn of events, and seeks revenge against Aurora! The bouncer Gerbera hunted down Aurora with overwhelming strength and captured her almost unharmed. Aurora is handed over to the combatants and is toyed with in revenge, but then Gouta came to her rescue! However, Gouta is captured by Gerbera and given a hand job by her devilish hands…Aurora is toyed by the combatants, Gota is toyed by Gerbera, and the two next to each other were toyed with intensely… [HAPPY ENDING]


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