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Fighter of the Sun Leona Season2 Most Evil Enemy Ever!: Arohma and Spartan

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At her new assignment, Yui Yawana is the homeroom teacher of the Z class, where delinquents gather. She had a fulfilling life as a teacher, having opened up to her students, who had initially been rebellious to her. Then one day, an incident occurred after a beautiful girl, Miyuko Ibara, transferred to the school. The students who had been admiring her up to that point began to attack Yui. In addition, Tadukuri, the assistant homeroom teacher who has taken Miyuko hostage, appears and becomes Spartan the Teacher Fiend. Yui transformed into Leona and fights but is damaged by Spartan’s various attacks. Leona takes advantage of the opportunity and rescues Miyuko, but the real mastermind is Miyuko. After biting Leona and sucking her blood, Miyuko reveals herself as the cosmic devil girl Arohma and captures Leona with Spartan. Leona is captured by an energy-absorbing device that squeezes out every last drop of her energy and sucks it out of her, reverting her to her Yui form. Leona has lost her energy and is no longer of any use, and her execution is imminent…!


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