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White Holy Warrior – Cure Angel CURE:01(Vol.1)

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Mutants, the Sicker spreads all over a city and starts attacking people. A nurse named Yuu Tejima is a girl who has a pure heart, and she cannot leave annoying people alone and rescues people attacked by the Sicker’s mutants, Infu and Raybis. But she is infected by evil disease-causing bacteria, the Dark-Virus. Anyone who is spoiled by the Dark-Virus is supposed to become a mutant under subordinate of the Sicker, but Yuu’s body doesn’t react and as a matter of fact she beats against activity of the virus. A scientist, Dr. Morimoto sees the fact, and he chooses her as the Saint Warrior, the Cure-Earth as a sole way to resist against the Sicker. Other hand, Yuu’s nurse senior, Akira Higuchi is taken away to a place of Raybis by patients who’re turned into mutants. Akira is inserted the Dark-Virus into her body, but in that place Yuu rushes to rescue her and turns herself into the Cure-Earth. Excellently she beats Raybis. However, Akira, who is infected by the Dark-Virus, is desperately tormented to wriggle and is withed with devil’s whispering…


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