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Mari is Star Decker, a female agent whose job is catching space criminals. One day, in an undercover investigation to capture the space drug lord, Mari gets a tip on a drug deal in progress, and arrests the suspect. The top officers dislike her aggressive way of fighting crimes, but Mari succeeds in getting information from the suspect. What she didn’t know is that there is a far more sinister plot going on behind the truth of the case! Her boss, bribed by the crime syndicate, drugs her with a sleeping pill and Mari is locked up together with the suspect. Now her life is on the line as the mastermind of the organization hires an assassin “Cleaner” to take her out once and for all. She bravely faces and fights Cleaner, the assassin who would not die, but ruthless Cleaner keeps beating up Mari. Can she really defeat Cleaner, the immortal killer?


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