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Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.89 -Sairyujer got Untransformable!?

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Kayo Takaji, a.k.a. Sairyu Pink, wipes out the Deathgeron Empire’s combatants, but the Riddle Mask suddenly appeared and Kayo couldn’t answer the riddle from the Riddle Mask. Then Riddle Mask sealed out of the transforming function of her bracelet! And again, Kayo was attacked in an embarrassing pose, this time with her physical freedom blocked by an incorrect answer! The Riddle Mask tortured the sensitive parts of Kayo’s body, and a huge amount of tides went out from her vagina! Kayo manages to defeat the Riddle Mask, but she was unable to break the seal that prevents her from transforming… The Deathgeron Empire’s top leader, Yamigumo, attacked Kayo with his chanbara Mask in tow! Once Kayo tactfully gained the upper hand, she was damaged by the rule-less chanbara attack and was toyed with by Yamigumo! Kayo endures, trying to prevent further damage, and somehow waiting for her colleagues to rescue her. However, her beautiful and clean body made up to excited then she climaxes many times and was toyed by Yamigumo! Will the colleagues come to the rescue? What is Kayo’s fate? [BAD ENDING]


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