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Super Heroine in a Close Call!! Vol.104 Sailor Aquas

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Jealous of Sailor Aquas, whom the crystal ball of truth told her was “the most beautiful in the world,” the witch Majora increased her magical power… Today, she appears before Sailor Aquas, who is brilliantly defeating demons, and attacks Sailor Aquas by surprise with her evil magical power. She does not kill Sailor Aquas right away, but instead she makes her eyes go white and she makes Sailor Aquas incontinent, ruining her beauty and forcing her to be sexually assaulted , who look at her face and sneer at her! Sailor Aquas screams in agony and spurts out a stream of water as she falls into an orgasm, leaving her in a state of utter disrepair…. The Witch shows Sailor Aquas this sight and asks her crystal ball of truth who is the most beautiful of all…but she cannot tarnish Sailor Aquas’ beautiful, transparent heart… Finally, the Witch becomes enraged and decides to take Sailor Aquas…  Go for it, don’t lose, Sailor Aquas! [HAPPY END]


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