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Super Heroine in a Close Call!! Vol.102 Spandexer Cosmo Angel, Aimed Weak Point

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Spandexer Cosmo Angel fights against the fighters of the evil organization Fear. The National Defense Force appears there. However, the Fear’s combatants had already been defeated by Cosmo Angel. With the advent of Cosmo Angel, the people began to rely on her more than the National Defense Force. Captain Inugami of the National Defense Force, who has been protecting the people until now, is angered by this situation and plots to subjugate Cosmo Angel. The National Defense Force, which cannot openly attack Cosmo Angel, connects with the evil organization Fear behind the scenes and provides them with weapons to subdue her. Cosmo Angel struggles against Fear, which received weapons from the National Defense Force. What will be the fate of Spandexer Cosmo Angel? [HAPPY ENDING]


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