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Super Heroine in a Close Call!! Vol.100 Miss Infinity

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Marina Nagisa, also known as Miss Infinity, who is the only member of the Marshall Heat team, follows a man from the secret organization Zenon’s Order and tries to retrieve the blueprints for a weapon, but she is tied up by the tool monster Borg Zenon! However, with the help of members of the Marshall Heat team, she escaped from the predicament! However, the blueprints are still stolen by Borg Zenon! She leaves her colleagues to stop the enemy attack and chases Borg Zenon. However, she is attacked by Borg Zenon again and the energy is taken from her body!? Will Infinity continue to be given pleasure and become a biological unit of a weapon that converts light energy into destructive power? Finally, the young maiden’s body is being defiled! [HAPPY ENDING]


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