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Evil Female Alien Burla: Hero Hunting 2 -Astrozeol Special

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After brutally killing Earth’s hero Altras, the Cliffo alien Barla has been away on Earth for a while due to an invasion of other planets.However, on Earth, a new defense organization, the ERF, and the hero Astrozeol have been born!Disguised as a member of the ERF, Barla captures Officer Nanase Kai, who is in fact Astrozeol, and attacks his body to extract his semen Spernium!Barla then defeats Astrozeol as he fights the monsters, immobilizing him using the telekinesis powers she stole, and further attacks his body…She then transforms into Chaos Barla as before, defiles Astrozeol from both a male and female perspective, and makes him ejaculate again and again!Astrozeol’s Spernium spurts out endlessly! Soon, Astrozeol is crucified and his cruel treatment begins…[Villainess Happy Ending]


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