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A female student who works as a maid mysteriously disappears in an old mansion – In order to uncover the mystery, Nanase Mitsuya, aka Bishoujo Kamen Aurora, works as a maid in the mansion – The owner of the mansion, Maki Onido, uses Nanase, but Nanase endures for the safety and peace of the city. – And Maki Onido reveals the appearance of the demon Grace! Nanase transforms into a beautiful girl masked Aurora and fights, but the poison of the demon she unknowingly receives incapacitates Aurora – the monster ties up and hangs Aurora and sexually pierces her grown pretty body. – and Aurora is frightened by a demon. Aurora was turned into a sexual processing pet and screamed and decayed in acme hell. And he waited for the time when he would be exposed to the garden of the mansion and fall prey to the demon king …Bad End


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