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Possessing super strength and a body of steel, Wonder Lady captures a gang of tomb robbers hired by archaeologist Shinohara, but Shinohara takes advantage of the commotion and obtains the Stone of Greed, forcing her to smell a special poison, causing her to be beaten up by the gang before she can use her powers. Wonder Lady’s pitiful state is captured on camera, and she is sexually humiliated. Her sexual sensitivity is heightened by the power of the Stone of Greed, and with her private parts thoroughly played with, she launches an angry counterattack, but she attempts to retreat once before Shinohara, who has been transformed into a monster by the power of the Stone, has risen to the surface. However, her body becomes heated by the increased sensitivity and craves stimulation, and Wonder Lady is unable to resist masturbating… Will Wonder Lady be able to seize victory as she challenges Shinohara to a fight once more?!


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