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After Aika is injured in battle, Shinobi Investigator Lenka, also known as Shiranui Len, returns from America. However, there, they find Onikage Kosai of the Makōshū and Ito-on of the Poison Spider Witch, who are after the source of Popo’s holy power, the Light. Shiranui Len’s partner, Investigator Hidari Mako, is targeted, but Shinobi Investigator Lenka’s Future Ninjutsu cuts down the evil! However, the poison of the Poison Spider Witch corners Lenka! Lenka is stuck in the evil spider’s web, making it impossible to escape… The Makōshū begin their terrifying interrogation in search of Popo’s Light… Lenka’s body is injured and he dies from the evil electric shock…! What will be the fate of Shinobi Investigator Lenka?!


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