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Senkuu Blue, also known as Minokasumi, defeats Mankanbo, one of the Seven Blades of Tokoyami. However, Bashaku attacks next, stopping Blue’s movements with ninjutsu and touching her beautiful body through her battle suit. Blue’s pleasure points are then struck, making her sensitive like a sex organ, and the other fighters play with her. After losing consciousness from a fierce attack on her groin, Blue is further played with in the enemy’s hideout, and she squirts from the pleasure… Despite being violated by Bashaku, Blue refuses to give up on victory, and fights back with a weapon that someone threw into his hand, achieving a reversal victory! But Mankanbo is there… Mankanbo has betrayed Bashaku and is plotting to take all the credit! Blue is overwhelmed by Mankanbo’s overwhelming power and his body that is impervious to attacks! What will become of Senkuu Blue? ![BAD END]


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