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Sailor Bisquez, who defeats the demons of the Night Fortress, is scouted in town by Shiraki, a self-proclaimed model manager with a suspicious appearance. However, she leaves the place and follows the signs of the demon. Bisquez transformed and won the battle against the demon Anima, but Shiraki saw her! Bisquez is threatened with a USB recording of the whole story, and Shiraki gropes her body. And as she climaxes, a part of her soul slips out from the brooch on her chest. In reality, Shiraki is a despicable man who works with Anima to attack women, and Anima is eating the women’s souls. Bisquez, whose power is down, has trouble fighting lower-class demons! And even Shiraki, who is human, has been toyed by Anima! What’s more, the event is being streamed live… [BAD ENDING]


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