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[Chapter 1] Fog Monster Fogg Special: Runa, also known as Mystic Blue, who is fighting against the demon army Hadesion, is lured away by the monster Fogg who can manipulate fog, and the magic of the fog slows her movements down! Furthermore, Blue’s sexual desire is increased by the pink-coloured mist and her entire body is played with…[Chapter 2] Advanced Combatant Special: Runa encounters a corps of combatants led by a senior combatant and is in a pinch when her transformation item is stolen! She manages to steal it back and transforms, but her barrier is put up and her holy magic is cut off. Blue is struggling against the fighter, but the combatant continues to play with her body…[Chapter 3] Seven Sin God Hellberos Special: Blue gains the power of enhanced transformation and fights against Hellberos. However, she is caught in the moment and Hellberos’s long tongue licks up her body and eats away her magical energy. Hellberos’s cock approaches Blue, who is hampered by her intensely consuming form! [BAD ENDING]


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