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Okusamanne: Soiled and Scattered Beautiful White Rose

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Rikako Barazono, the wife of the mayor of Yurine City, has a secret that she hides even from her husband. Her mission is to use a magical crystal that has been passed down through the Barazono family for generations to transform into the white rose mask Okusamanne and exterminate the monsters nesting in Yurine City. One day, the deputy mayor, Kiba, is captured by a monster. Okusamanne rushes to help Kiba. The demons use Kiba as a hostage and attack Okusamanne. Unable to resist, Okusamanne is blamed by the demon. However, she takes advantage of the momentary gap and takes Kiba back, then launches a counterattack. Oxmane punishes the monsters. Her full force hit the monster’s abdomen cleanly. Unable to withstand the attack, the monster vomits, and the vomit stains Okusamanne’s proud pure white costume. Okusamane, who becomes emotional as her proud costume is soiled, attacks the monster, but her lack of calm and sloppy attacks fail to catch the monster and instead ends up being attacked by her. Realizing that Okusamanne has lost her composure, the monster once again showers her with vomit. Okusamanne becomes even more emotional and is defeated, and the monster’s revenge begins. Okusamanne is toyed with in front of her husband. What will be the fate of Okusamanne? [BAD ENDING]


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