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Fontaine: Handsome Younger Combatant’s Temptation, Immoral Sexual Pet

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Ten years have passed since Yuuka Sawamura received the power of the goddess and continued to fight against monsters as Fontaine. Her body and her heart were scarred from the long battle. One day, during a battle with a monster, Fontaine finds herself in a big pinch. The person who saved her from this crisis was a kind young man who said she wanted to become a doctor. The two soon fall in love. However, that young man turns out to be a despicable assassin of a demon who wants to use Fontaine as his sexual pet! Fontaine is given sexual training in the form of treatment without her knowledge, and before she knows it, she is taken to the demon’s hideout and sexually toyed by her lower-ranking fighters. Her trained body reacts and Fontaine’s self-esteem collapses due to continuous orgasms, and her broken body squirts orgasmic squirts. When her mask is torn off, Fontaine learns the shocking truth about her and her spirit collapses… [BAD ENDING]


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