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Super Lady who destroys the genius Dr. Saul’s robot army! However, the mastermind, Dr. Saul, disappears in a mysterious light. Dr. Saul is given new power by the super mechanical life form Gigalt, which is the true identity of the mysterious light, and he vows revenge on the Super Lady. Dr. Saul overwhelms Super Lady with power that surpasses her, and after inflicting severe pain on her, he plays with her body and makes it dirty… A super lady who was toyed by Dr. Saul and exacted her revenge… However, She couldn’t just sit back and watch as Dr. Saul goes on a rampage with his robot army! She takes on the battle again and defeats Dr. Saul in a fierce battle! However, the super mechanical life form Gigalt appears in front of her! How will Super Lady fight against Gigalt, who is much stronger than Dr. Saul? [BAD ENDING]


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